Valerie August


The Finer Points

If you’re reading this, I’d wager a guess you’re hoping to know a little more about me, and where we might be headed once we set the wheels in motion. So, now that I have your attention, why don’t we peel off a layer or two?

Your Place or Mine? 

Most of my first dates begin over drinks, both so that we can get to know one another and so I can flirt mercilessly with you in public and see if you blush (you will). After that, retiring to somewhere with a little more privacy. For these moments we can either spend time swanning about in your hotel room or a centrally located apartment that I have at my discretion. Follow up dates might include spending time in theatres, galleries, or something more adventurous, like attempting to get a table at Kricket on a Friday evening.

London + Everywhere

I’m based in Central London, but left my heart in San Francisco/Paris/Cape Town/Bali depending on the day of the week. Due to a medically-confirmed case of wanderlust it’s usually not long before I give in to the urge to travel again. I’m frequently in Europe and further afield. Drop me a message if you’d like to invite me somewhere special, or you can take a trip to London and we can have an extended mini break right here in my home city.


Sweet E-Nothings

My love language is Charming Messages via my Contact Form. Extra marks will be awarded for manners, warmth and penmanship. If you want to really have me in fits of delight, send your screening information unprompted, along with plans for the fun you’d like us to get up to. At times when my attention is focused on other areas, you may reach my assistant, M, first, but never fear; if you’ve taken on board the aforementioned, she’ll make sure your message reaches me.

Dance Card

In the words of the great philosopher Mick Jagger, I’m happiest when Time is On My Side. Accordingly, I protect my calendar from scoundrels by asking for a deposit. This allows me commit fully to my sessions in advance, knowing that they are firmly fixed in both our diaries. Alongside this, and for the peace of mind that ensures I’ll enjoy our time together, I also ask all new clients for screening information, which may include any of the following: your name, phone number, hotel reservation details and room number (for outcall dates), employment verification or references from other companions.



  • I want to meet, but what about the pandemic?

    I want to meet, but what about the pandemic?

    Extra information regarding my booking protocol as of Winter/Spring 2022 can be found in the link in the top menu of the page.

  • What if I have privacy concerns?

    What if I have privacy concerns?

    Rest assured that safety and privacy for both of us are my utmost priorities. I recommend using an encrypted email service such as ProtonMail for our correspondence. If being seen in public poses an issue for you because you’re high profile then let me know and we’ll find a workaround that involves a dashing disguise or a secluded hiding place.

  • I’m interested in a last minute date, or a shorter date.

    I’m interested in a last minute date, or a shorter date.

    While there are some things I enjoy at speed (broadband connections, a hand of whist, Aston Martins), dates aren’t one of them. As a result, I prefer to let new friendships unfurl at a leisurely pace, so I have a minimum date of two hours – I recommend three or more and prioritise longer dates. Last minute dates are rare but occasionally possible, so feel free to ask. If you travel frequently to London and are never sure of your availability, I recommend sending a speculative enquiry and getting pre-screened ahead of time, making it a seamless process when you drop into town and have an unexpected window for high jinks.

  • What are your rates?

    What are your rates?

    Like all life’s finest extravagances, these are POA, mon cherie. Drop me a message via my contact form, and please mention if you have a budget before we begin to make plans. Please note that my rate for outcalls is generally higher than my incall rate, to incorporate travel time.

  • What kind of people are your clients?

    What kind of people are your clients?

    Primarily, my clients are all people with great taste in women. Beyond that, they’re a diverse and generally rather excellent bunch. I do not discriminate on the basis of race, nationality or age, and I don’t require any of this information when you contact me. I also welcome clients with health conditions or disabilities – in these cases, please mention any particular needs when we’re planning our time together. (For clients who use a wheelchair or have other mobility needs, I am happy to waive the outcall fee when visiting you at a Central London hotel of your choice.)

  • Can I buy you a gift?

    Can I buy you a gift?

    A lovely, thoughtful gift? How utterly terrible.... But I suppose if I absolutely can’t stop you...Message me for the link to my wishlist.

  • Are you reference friendly?

    Are you reference friendly?

    I most certainly am. If we’ve met in the last 18 months, I am happy to provide a reference for you if another companion requires one.

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