Valerie August


Hello There

By way of introduction, let me tell you two things that I’ve learned.

Firstly, that there is nothing more honest than desire. The things that we crave – whether pleasure or connection – tell us something about ourselves. It’s a form of truth telling; a confession your heart murmurs to your head late at night.

And secondly (paradoxically), that we all need to keep a secret or two; because secrets are often the place we can begin to learn what our truth might be.

And trust me when I say I speak from experience.


I always knew that this path was for me. I feel most like myself in the realm of the senses. Covert rendezvous in beautiful suites; deep bathtubs in candlelight; the sensations of silk and leather and latex; smutty polaroids in the bottom of my duffel bag; the first time our hands touch in the hotel bar; the liminal spaces where we go from being strangers to…..something else.

Want to Know More? FAQ

People like to tell you that you can’t have it all, but I called their bluff: Mine is a life of slow dancing and drop-top speed; romance and perversion; pillow talk and walks on the wild side.

I like my bacchanalian parties with a side order of blissful zen solitude.  I’m a free-spirited fusion of British wit and continental flirtatiousness, a woman unafraid to live life in full, shimmering technicolour and always on the lookout for a great sunset.

Life has little in the way of maps, so I let my desires lead the way…why don’t you come with me?

Let’s keep in touch, darling.

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