Valerie August – Independent Escort in London

Your journey has brought you this far. But now where to, my darling?

Choosing a direction and continuing to use my Valerie August site is seen as acknowledgement that you’re over 18 or of legal age in your country of residence to peruse a high end escort’s erotic material. Think you took a wrong turn?
Exit now. 

Feeling Lost In Your Search For An Independent London Escort?

London is one of those cities that spoils its inhabitants and visitors. Succumb and it will urge you to indulge, pushing you towards delights you didn’t even know were within the city walls.

And why shouldn’t you try what catches your eye? You have a rare moment with the space to follow a path that feels good to you. But what yearning do you satisfy first?

The options are limitless. Settling on what suits your wants and desires right now… Well, let’s just say I don’t envy your position.

Being Valerie August, a London based high-class escort, I’m well-known for keeping similar-minded company. I make the most of the cultural and private, hedonistic revelry that’s close by. I know exactly how to seek out what I want so I’m left sated, tingling and curious to find out what the city has for me next.

But we’re not here to discuss me.
You’re the one with the decision to make.
A direction to pick.
At this point, I’m simply coming along to make the ride a little easier.

What you should know about my high class escort services

First, I’m a London independent escort. This means I’m not attached to an agency, preferring a personal touch and assured discretion through direct contact. The only person holding you back from contacting me, Miss Valerie August, is you. As soon as you take that step (I can only hold your hand so far), we’re free to begin our adventure, on our own terms and at our own pace. Many get in touch with me for what’s known as a GFE (girlfriend experience) and perhaps that’s what you’re looking for, too. Or, you may have the urge to explore a darker side; the desire to serve a Mistress, dominate a Submissive, or indulge a certain fetish. When it’s for an incall or outcall date, I only ask that you be open and know yourself.

Know that I’m open-minded and free-spirited. I share my time with those of a similar disposition. Those who, like me, have a positive, upbeat outlook and a willingness to let desire lead the way. After all, we’re only here for a moment in time. We owe it to ourselves to explore the parts of life that capture our imagination and hold our attention long enough that we want to make them our reality.

That’s what I do. And so far it’s taken me on an erotic journey you can probably only imagine. But I feel like the road is only half travelled.

What else can I tell you?

I’m not shy in front of the camera (as you’ll soon see). I’m illustrated from the waist down. And I love late night deep and meaningfuls about life, the universe and our place in it. And I play very well with others.

Feeling a little more prepared?

Then it’s time you kiss goodbye to whatever doubts came before. Let’s lose sight of the world for a few hours…Click here start at the beginning.