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Combining the intimacy of a GFE with the trust and playfulness of an experienced Dominatrix, my London Mistress escort service is your rare opportunity to session with an experienced Alpha. A Domme escort who threads promises of attainability through moments of unmistakable authority.


Be the centre of your Mistress’ world

During our session, my sole focus is on making your desires a reality. That being said, you must take care never, ever to forget who’s really in charge. As a highly-accomplished Mistress escort in London, I’m not one to blindly follow your instructions. For me, play goes much, much deeper…

I like to leave an impression. I enjoy knowing that once you leave my company, the memories of you, me and the fun we had continue to encroach on your day; unexpected invasions you desperately want to immerse yourself in all over again but the restraints of your vanilla life make that an impossibility.

That’s how powerful I want our time together to be. And we can achieve that by creating your perfect scene.


Experiences and Expectations When Sessioning with a Mistress Escort

As a London Mistress escort, I fuse my love of BDSM and fetish play with full service escorting ranging from kissing to full intimacy. Accordingly, I would categorise myself as a non traditional dominatrix. Whereas most of my contemporaries draw a distinct line between ‘sex’ and ‘play’, I’m addicted to pleasure in all its guises. For me, there’s no merit in denying myself any level of gratification that’s within my limits.

This approach is relatively rare, but blending GFE and domination together creates an intoxicating tenderness that has an undercurrent of devilishness. I’ve been told it’s this combination of warmth, approachability and delightful cruelty that keeps my regular play partners coming back.

While full erotic contact may play a part, it’s certainly not guaranteed or essential. In the same way some people aren’t turned on by pain, others prefer denial and untouchability from their Mistress. As a Domme escort, I’m sensitive to the full pleasure spectrum. I’m a sensual sadist, a playful tease, a strict bitch, the devil in disguise. I’m every archetype and none.


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Secret Diary of a Dominatrix

Control is my forte. Sexually charged encounters that involve a power exchange. My fondness for this is reflected in the domination services I consider my specialisms.

Sensual domination
I would define this and milder, tie-and-tease play that mixes romantic, pleasurable touching with firmer forms of punishment. I liken it to play that’s designed to make us purr, combined with carefully chosen moments when flexing our claws feels good.

Corporal punishment and spanking
Otherwise known as beatings with a bare hand, cane, strap, belt, paddle, whip, flogger, tawse, slipper, ruler or hairbrush. The question is, which do you like to feel strike your back, legs or bottom? Because of course, part of my fun is making you choose.

Pegging and anal play
An expert with a strap-on and comfortable with prostate play, fisting and anal training, as your Mistress escort I’ll guide you through the heady, erotic sensations of this sometimes psychologically challenging power play. This is one of my personal favourite activities, therefore expect absolute attention to detail on my part.

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Dominatrix Services

-Humiliation: embarrassment, degradation, abuse, directed/instructed masturbation, voyeurism/exposure.

-D/s roleplaying: for example boss and intern, doctor and patient, teacher and sixth former. Roleplays with a power imbalance.

-Long-term roleplaying: slave training, domestic service, financial domination, chastity device key-holding.

-Fetish play: foot or hand worship, tickling, fabric fetishes, clothing fetishes, watersports.

-Gender and sexuality play: forced feminisation, sissification, crossdressing, forced bi play and cuckolding.

-Orgasm control and edging: paired with bondage or sensory deprivation, pushing you to the edge of orgasm and keeping you there.

-Sadism and Masochism: electric stimulation, hot wax, needle play, sounding, CBT, clamps, ballbusting and more.

-Movement and sensory deprivation: cuffs, bondage tape, spreader bars and rope coupled with hoods, blindfolds and gags for a full-body experience.

-Body worship: legs, bottom, feet, face sitting and queening.

 -Consensual non-consent: Coercive play dynamics. These often taboo scenes need careful negotiation.


Ask me about dominatrix threesomes and kinky couples coaching

Exploring fetishes, fantasies, power dynamics and roleplays can feel intimidating at first. If you and your partner are looking for some extra guidance and reassurance so your play is safe and enjoyable, I’m happy to be your Mistress escort teacher. Setting boundaries we’re all comfortable with, I’ll be as hands-on or off as you’d like.


Where can we play?

My apartment located in London’s West End is a discreet, comfortable environment, and is furnished with equipment and toys for sensual and psychological domination.

If you’d rather I came to you for role play and sessions that don’t require many accessories, your London-based hotel room or luxury apartment will suffice. However, please note that your Mistress prefers 5-star.

Sessions and scenes that demand specialist furniture will take place at one of the fully kitted out, London-based dungeons I use. I’ll be happy to arrange the booking on your behalf and add the hire cost to your tribute.



I’m cool under pressure, as well as curious and adventurous. You’ll also find me warm-hearted and friendly, with a dry British sense of humour.


I’m bi-sexual and polyamorous, and so my attraction is to singles and couples of any gender, regardless of age, race or body type.


I’m slender with 34C-25-36 measurements. I stand at 5’7” and weigh 110 lbs, with blue eyes, brunette hair, and fair, freckled shoulders.

Requesting My Company as Your London Mistress Escort


I welcome polite, genuine invitations from singles and couples of any gender, age and background searching for the company of Domme escort. I also welcome clients with health conditions or disabilities.

Catch my attention by doing a few simple things before and when you contact me.

First, please read through my site. I’ve included a lot of information on who I am, who you are and the experiences I offer. This will help you decide if I’m the right London Mistress escort for you.

Next, send me a message using my contact page. I know. Forms aren’t sexy. But if you’re serious about bringing us together, completing this one provides all the information I need for screening and session preparation.


If you’re wondering (or worried) about what to say to an experienced Mistress escort in your first correspondence, keep it open-hearted, respectful and conversational.

-Paint a picture of who you are. 

-Share what led you to me. 

-Let me in on your ideas for the fun we’ll have.

Finally, with your polite, courteous and informative message sent, you’ll hear from me (or my assistant if my attentions are focused on other areas). We’ll start planning our session together and arrange the finer details.


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