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Indulge Your Curious Desires with a London Fetish Escort

What turns you on so much that touching yourself becomes irresistible? Is it something society at large considers perverse and different? Perhaps it’s something you’ve been reticent to share in the context of your intimate relationships, and you’ve decided thus far to be more or less silent on the matter.

However, if there’s one thing I’ve learned it’s this: life is too short for erotic denial. Spending time with me as your London fetish escort gives you the safe, sane and consensual environment to satisfy your obsessions.

With a little inspiration from you, I’ll create a scene that meets your desires while staying within our individual limits. We’ll then get together in a relaxed, discreet play space where exploring your turn-ons is welcome.

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What Is A Fetish?


A fetish is when we have a sexual fixation over something quite specific. This can be an object (such as a pair of boots) or a body part (like feet). Additionally, fetishes can revolve around attire or presentation, as in the case of lipstick or latex fetishes, or around the activities that are associated with fetishistic objects. For instance, one might have a fetish that is based heavily on fetishes for certain clothing items like silk stockings) As the human mind is sexually aroused by many diverse things, there are plenty of sexual fetishes to explore, and as a London fetish escort, I can wholeheartedly assure you, I’ve seen it all. There is nothing whatsoever to be embarrassed about when we are together.


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Switch Fetish Escort with A Wide-Range of Kinky Tastes


As a switch fetish escort, you may request that I play the Dominant or submissive role. While I don’t believe in providing a complete list of my tastes (we’d be here forever), an amuse-bouche will help you understand if I’m the right fetish escort for you. The fetish escort services I offer are often rooted in BDSM, involving some form of power exchange. Quite simply, these dynamics arouse me. Please note, while I entertain the aforementioned fetishes, I don’t enjoy all of them being performed on me. But we can clarify our likes, dislikes and personal limits when you contact me.

Boot, shoe and foot worship

Hand or foot fetish sessions

Body worship: legs, bottom, feet, face sitting and queening.

Tickling fetish

Bodily viscera (scent play, watersports, spitting)

Tie and tease bondage


Pet play

Fabric fetishes (latex, leather, silk, etc)

Clothing fetish (panties, nylons, lingerie, CFNM)

Spanking and impact play


Pegging and anal

Cuckolding, voyeurism and group play


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Your Foot Fetish Escort


In my role as a Dominant, there are few fetishes that bring me more pleasure. The sight of a lover kneeling at my size six feet makes me feel supremely powerful which, for my own gratification, I appreciate. Asking with increasing urgency to touch my thigh-high leather boots, feel the point of my stiletto on your body, or strip my feet bare, pushing fingers between my toes and bestowing kisses on the sole of each foot will lead to my genuine excitement.


From experience, there are two types of foot fetishists. Those who like clean, perfectly manicured feet and those who like them dirty. How do you like your podophilia? If it’s a little filthy, it may interest you to know that one of my favourite sensations is walking barefoot on grass. Of course, I’m happy to oblige by presenting you with feet that meet your requirements. Be confident that when it comes to foot fetish escorting, I always put my best foot forward. (I’m not even a little bit sorry for that pun.)

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About Me


Cool under pressure, as well as curious and adventurous. You’ll also find me warm-hearted and friendly, with a dry British sense of humour.



I’m bi-sexual and polyamorous – my attraction is to singles and couples of any gender looking for a girlfriend experience, regardless of age, race or body type.



I’m slender with 34C-25-36 measurements. I stand at 5’7” and weigh 110 lbs, with blue eyes, brunette hair, and fair, freckled shoulders.



Experiences and Expectations When Playing with a Fetish Escort


As a London fetish escort, I fuse my love of BDSM and fetish play with full service escorting. I’m addicted to pleasure in all its guises. For me, there’s no merit in denying myself any level of gratification that’s within my limits.

This approach is relatively rare but working GFE and fetish play together leads to an intoxicating mix of tenderness with an undercurrent of pure playfulness. While full erotic contact may play a part, it’s certainly not guaranteed or essential. Being switch makes me sensitive to the full pleasure spectrum.

Where can we play?


My apartment located in London’s West End is a discreet, comfortable environment furnished with equipment, toys and my extensive fetish-friendly wardrobe for sensual and psychological scenes.


If you’d rather I come to you for roleplay and sessions that don’t require many accessories, your London-based 5-star hotel room or luxury apartment will suffice.

Sessions and scenes demanding specialist furniture will take place at one of the fully kitted out, London-based dungeons I use. I’m happy to arrange the booking on your behalf and add the hire cost to your tribute.


Fetish Friends in London


If your fetish experience would be enhanced by hiring an additional independent fetish escort, then we can get in touch with one of my friends, all of whom are open minded and experienced with many kinds of fetish play. I particularly recommend visiting the website of Kinky London Escorts, of whom I am a member, to find a number of like-minded people.

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Requesting My Company as Your London Independent Fetish Escort


I welcome polite, genuine invitations from singles and couples of any gender, age and background searching for the company of fetish escort in London. I also welcome clients with health conditions or disabilities.

Catch my attention by doing a few simple things before -and when- you contact me.

First, please read through my site. I’ve included a lot of information on who I am, who you are and the experiences I offer. This will help you decide if I’m the right fetish escort for you. Next, send me a message using my contact page. I know. Forms aren’t sexy. But if you’re serious about bringing us together, completing this one provides all the information I need for screening and preparing for our fetish session.

If you’re wondering (or worried) about what to say to an experienced fetish escort in your first correspondence, keep it open-hearted, respectful and conversational. Paint a picture of who you are, share what led you to me and let me in on your ideas for the fun we’ll have.

Finally, with your polite, courteous and informative message sent, you’ll hear from me (or my assistant if my attentions are focused on other areas). We’ll start planning our session together and arrange the finer details.

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