Valerie August


Submissive Escort

Independent Submissive Escort Valerie August


London-Based Submissive Vixen with a Fondness for Kinky Misbehaviour

Craving to play the Dominant role, but without someone to dominate? Let me be your submissive escort; your London portal to BDSM pleasure; your curious and determined kinky plaything who’s eager to slip into the D/s roleplay that excites you.


Professional Submissive Escort for Masters and Mistresses


For as long as I can remember I’ve craved the feeling of falling respectfully to my knees and giving myself completely to a trusted dominant lover. This dedication led me to play and train under some of London’s most experienced Masters, Mistresses and Goddesses, fulfilling their whims during our sensual, playful and always pleasurable sessions. I was actually a professional submissive before I had even tried my hand at ‘GFE’ escorting, although it made perfect sense later to combine these two elements – I am nothing if not a romantic at heart.

For me, the role of submissive is a perfect mix of sensory and psychological pleasure. My body hums with happiness at touches that deviate from everyday sensations. The sting of a bare-handed spank, the restriction of leather cuffs around my limbs and the torture of tickling—I treasure them all. A delicious mental thrill comes from knowing I’m your cherished plaything, beautiful object or pet to toy with and command. Every challenge you set is met with my determination to succeed, motivated by your adoration and fondness for rewards.

What Booking A Submissive Escort Entails


Being a London submissive escort fuses my love of BDSM, kink and fetish play with full service escorting, including elements of what’s known as a GFE (Girlfriend Experience.)

I’m addicted to pleasure in all its guises—there’s no merit denying myself any level of gratification that’s within my limits.

While full erotic contact may play a part in our session, it’s certainly not guaranteed or essential. Being a switch, I understand some dominants view a level of unattainability as part of the fun. But as a GFE escort, I’m sensitive to the full pleasure spectrum and the tender intimacy that many D/s relationships can encompass.

Want to Know More? FAQ

About Me


Cool under pressure, as well as curious and adventurous. You’ll also find me warm-hearted and friendly, with a dry British sense of humour. Socially, I’m confident and not at all that submissive – but I’ve been told that makes it all the more powerful when I allow you to place a collar around my neck…



I’m bi-sexual and polyamorous – my attraction is to singles and couples of any gender looking for a submissive escort, regardless of age, race or body type. I’m a switch, means means I can be the Dominant Mistress, or the Submissive Slut of your dreams. I play well with other switches, but if you’re purely Dominant that’s appealing too.



I’m slender with 34C-25-36 measurements. I stand at 5’7” and weigh 110 lbs, with blue eyes, brunette hair, and fair, freckled shoulders. I’m flexible

Submissive Roles I Enjoy

Eager-to-Please Secretary

Obedient Pleasure Toy


Damsel in Distress

Struggling, Indignant Brat


Spoilt Daddy’s Girl

Wanton Slut

My Submissive Fantasies

Bondage, tie and tease

Spanking and impact play

Gags and blindfolds


Taboo roleplay


Pet play



Orgasm control

Photographic Exposure

You as my Dominant

Enquiries from  dominants of all genders and backgrounds are welcome. Have you only recently heard the call of your dominant desires? Please don’t be afraid to contact me. You’ll find me to be a patient and caring submissive with the ability to offer guidance so subtle that our desires are met yet the spell isn’t broken.

While I enjoy playing the submissive during our session, in social settings I’m a complete contradiction. Beyond our scene you’ll find me to be confident, friendly and easy-going with a very British sense of humour. If we need to take a break or you’d like to build the suspense in the lead up to our session with a date, let me know. I’m great company to be out and about with. (Even if I do say so myself!)

As an experienced professional submissive I’m confident with playing each role. Clothing and accessories in my wardrobe will bring fantasy to life. Lingerie sets in silk, cotton, leather and latex, white panties, authentic uniforms and the type of office wear that’s questionable in a professional setting. I have it all.

Where can we play?

My apartment located in London’s West End is a discreet, comfortable environment furnished with equipment and toys for sensual and psychological domination.

If you’d rather I came to you for role play and sessions that don’t require many accessories, your London-based 5-star hotel room or luxury apartment will suffice. Sessions and scenes that demand specialist furniture will take place at one of the fully kitted out, London-based dungeons I use. I’m happy to arrange the booking on your behalf and add the hire cost to your tribute.


Requesting My Company as Your Submissive Escort

I welcome polite, genuine invitations from singles and couples of any gender, age and background searching for the company of submissive escort in London. I also welcome clients with health conditions or disabilities.

Catch my attention by doing a few simple things before -and when- you contact me.

First, please read through my site. I’ve included a lot of information on who I am, who you are and the experiences I offer. This will help you decide if I’m the right submissive escort for you. Next, send me a message using my contact page. I know. Forms aren’t sexy. But if you’re serious about bringing us together, completing this one provides all the information I need for screening and preparing for our submissive session.

If you’re wondering (or worried) about what to say to an experienced submissive escort in your first correspondence, keep it open-hearted, respectful and conversational. Paint a picture of who you are, share what led you to me and let me in on your ideas for the fun we’ll have.

Finally, with your polite, courteous and informative message sent, you’ll hear from me (or my assistant if my attentions are focused on other areas). We’ll start planning our session together and arrange the finer details.

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